Temporary Couch Hopping Nomad

4 Feb

I’m not dead and I haven’t abandoned my quest for amazing food, I have just been moving and couch hopping, and room sharing, and all sorts of fun things the last 8 months or so, and things, like this, just slowly got away from me.
In May my mom sold her home in California, where we were living, and moved to the literal middle of nowhere Utah. I moved her up there and stayed for about a week, but had to come back home to finish up my internship in Anaheim. Upon returning to California, as can be assumed, I had nowhere to live. I shared a room with my nieces at my sister’s home for a few weeks, before moving into a spare room at one of my dad’s old friend’s house. As not to inconvenience too much space, as far as personal belongings go, I primarily was living out of my Little Bug.


Local Goats in Scipio

By the time my internship came to an end I had yet to land a permanent full time job and had made the decision I was going to follow my boyfriend out to Hawaii, where he was stationed starting in May, but needed to save a little money first. So, in July, I loaded into my little bug and followed my mother out to the middle of nowhere Utah.



My Dairy Queen

In Scipio, where my mom moved to, her cousin owned a Dairy Queen, and I was able to get a part time job there. First day was a shock, as I think would be for anyone who had just finished working their ass off in college and had spent the last two years working at places like the Newport Beach Film Festival and Visit Anaheim. After a few days I adjusted though and looking back now that job and the few months I spent in Scipio really were quite amazing and changed my life. I had a ton of fun working at DQ, got to know new family members, fixed a lot of things with my mom, and made some amazing friends.
By September though I was done with small town living and decided to take the plunge and move to Hawaii. I drove back to California, to say goodbye to family and friends. On September 25, I boarded a plane, my first plane ever, to Hawaii.


Goodbye LA

I stayed in two vacation rentals when I first arrived, for about a month and a half. Although I managed to get part time holiday job offers at Macy’s, Sears, and Target, I managed to not have to take any of them, as my sister helped land me a job as a social media marketing specialist at a cell phone company, part time. That allowed me the income to move in somewhere more permanent. I found a room, in a really awesome home right outside of downtown, with some pretty cool people. (I’m still living there now.)
Shortly after moving into my new room, I managed to land a full time job as a communications associate at a really awesome company. Right after landing that job though a new family emergency came up and I had to fly back to Utah for a month to help with some things. Everything turned out just fine though and I was able to come back to Hawaii and my new room, and my new job.
During this time I was still pigging out and trying awesome new places. I tried to keep up on my writing, as can be seen my publish dates, but slowly time just slipped away. I think now though I have fallen into enough of a flow with things that I can pick this back up.
I have a few more back places from back in California, waiting to be written about and then I will dive in to the hand full of fun Utah places I dined at. Hopefully in the next month or so I can finally start eating my way through this new island I now call home…for now.


Oahu Sunrise


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