Mom’s Cafe Scones

6 Mar

Mom’s Cafe

 10 E Main St

Salina, UT 84654

 Hours: Sun-Thurs 7am-9pm / Fri & Sat 7am-10pm


If you have read my previous post (click here if you haven’t) than you know how much I adore the little place known as Mom’s Cafe. It is adorable, charming, home cooked food, your small town dreams are made of.

One of the absolute best things at Mom’s is their scones. Now these are not the traditional scones you expect. The baked, thick, sometimes fruity, pastries you find at Strabucks while you wait for your morning kick. These are deep fried, fluffy pillows of love, and probably responsible for the extra 10 lbs I moved to Hawaii with.

These scones, although still delicious, are slightly bland on their own, and because of this they are served with the topping of your dreams, (even if you have never heard of and/or tried) honey butter. It is the creamy, sweet, salty, perfectly squeezable topping that melts into that piping hot fresh scone to take all your taste buds to cloud 9.

I may sound like a Utah scone fan girl, but if you like pastries, and deep fried simplicity, you need to stop by Mom’s Cafe.


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