I’m a twenty-something year old college student that loves food. Like most people my age I have a busy lifestyle and as much as I may try to avoid it I spend a lot of time eating out. It is easy to fall into the habit of grabbing a burger from McDonalds or a burrito from Taco Bell and I have to admit going to school full time I’m guilty of this. On the other side though I have always loved burger joints, greasy spoons, hole in the wall, mom and pop, family run shops and lately find lots of enjoyment in the hunt for somewhere new and noncommercial to try. Not only does it feel good to help someone competing and struggling to win the fight against big business, but often times the best food can be found at these little shops. Many of these places sometimes have an out-of-date or dingy appearance and that can turn people away. I think that’s a huge disappointment and that the atmosphere adds to your dining experience, and my philosophy with food has always been as long as the restaurant is clean and has good food, I could care less what the place looks like.


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