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Ohana Bento & Sushi

19 May

Ohana Bento & Sushi

1154 Fort St Mall

Honolulu, HI 96813

Hours: 7am-6pm 7 Days a Week


Dynamite Ahi

Ohana Bento & Sushi has become my go to sushi spot, when I’m at work. I’m still not thrilled with the sushi spots I’ve found here on the island, nothing that compares to my dear Sake Sushi,  and if I’m grabbing sushi for dinner, I’ll hit up Ninja Sushi, located on the other side of my office building, but for a quick lunch Ohana is my spot.

I’ve tried a few of their rolls, but my go to, and favorite is their dynamite ahi. The roll is an ok size for the price. Normally, but not always, they are generous with the ahi, which for the most part is pretty fresh tasting. The roll has a good amount of spice and it takes care of things when I’m in the mood for a little sushi. It’s also nice that they accept credit. You won’t be so lucky with a lot of lunch options on Fort Street.

Be warned however, if they don’t have your roll ready it can be a bit of a wait.


Summer House

11 Feb

Summer House

2744 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm / Fri 11am-10pm / Sat 10am-10pm / Sun 10am-9pm

Brie Burger

Brie Burger

One of my best friends and I went here on one of my last days in California before leaving to Utah. It was our last adventure before I took off. We both love the beach and despite having been friends for over 16 years we had never been to the beach together. Luckily for us, both of us absolutely love Corona Del Mar.


Before hitting the sand, we decided to stop for lunch. How could I skip out on a food opportunity. Located right off of PCH, Summer House was the perfect choice. Immediately after walking in, my friend and I were in love. Summer House is absolutely adorable. Food and service is pretty good too.


Fish and Chips

My friend ordered their brie burger and I got their fish and chips. Now I am not a huge fan of brie so I did not try the burger, but my friend said it was amazing and I trust her. The burger was massive, but gorgeous to look at. Normally my friend has a lot of leftovers, but with this burger she finished almost the whole thing.


The fish and chips were excellent, but just slightly under seasoned. The fish was perfectly flaky and not oily at all. Now I am not a fan of shoestring fries, but in comparison to other places, these were pretty good.

If you are ever down in the OC and looking for a bite to eat in Newport, I highly recommend stopping by Summer House.

Sushi Burritos!!

1 Sep

Jogasaki Truck

Los Angeles based truck


Golden State Roll

I don’t remember how I came across the Sushi Burrito Truck, but I have been following them for longer months, stocking their schedule, just waiting for my chance to give them a shot. Finally one day, on my way home from the convention center, rolling down Brea Canyon into Rowland Heights, there it was. There was my Sushi Burrito, parked in front of Stater Bro’s on Colima. My dreams had come true. I rushed to my sister’s, grabbed my niece, the only little one I have brave enough to give sushi a shot, and we headed down the Jogasaki, the food truck of my dreams.


Spider Burrito and Golden State Roll

We ordered their monthly special, their spider burrito. A spider roll in a burrito form – deep fried soft shell crab, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, radish sprout, and yamagobo. We also tried their Golden State Roll. It’s a deep-fried California Roll served with eel sauce.

We absolutely loved both and finished everything down to the last grain of rice. The ingredients were fresh and even in their supersized portions, the flavors were just as balanced as if you were eating a normal roll. Yes, I must admit they are a little pricy for my taste, but when thinking about what you pay for sushi the price makes sense for the supersized portions. I can’t afford to eat there regularly, but I will be back.

Orange Roll Sushi

21 Aug

Orange Roll & Sushi

327 S Anaheim Blvd, Ste B
Anaheim, CA 92805

Mon – Sat 11am – 10pm

**Four locations**

Caterpillar - Orange Roll Sushi

Caterpillar Roll

I have wanted to try Orange Roll & Sushi since I was a student at CSUF, but I never had the opportunity. Finally while my boyfriend was home on leave, while we were staying down in the Disneyland Resort area, we got to try it.

Spider Roll - Orange Roll Sushi

Spider Roll

Located directly across from the Packing House it no surprise how crowded it was in there. The space had a nice atmosphere to it and the workers were polite and attentive, but the dining area in my opinion was too small and had too many tables crammed in there to accommodate theirs crowds. I understand wanting to serve as many people as possible, but I’d still like to be comfortable while I dine, and maybe enjoy a tiny bit of privacy.

Amber - Orange Roll Sushi

The Amber Roll

Although my dining experience was a little cramped the rolls were not bad at all. We ordered three of their rolls – the caterpillar, the spider roll, and their Amber roll. The caterpillar roll was yummy, but the amount of avocado made it a tad to creamy for me. The spider roll was packed with soft shell crab which was amazing, but slightly messy to eat. The Amber roll was the winner overall though. Think crunch roll with a kick, I highly recommend it.

My one last complaint would have to be that I felt it was a tad pricey, but was a lot of food.

Anaheim Packing House – The Chippy Fish & Grill

30 Jul

The Chippy Fish & Grill

Anaheim Packing House
440 South Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

**Second location in Irvine**

Fish & Chips w Giant Shrimp - The Chippy Fish and Grill

Jumbo Shrimp w/Fish and Chips

The Chippy Fish & Grill is yet another eatery that divided me and my #1 foodie partner. Besides Popbar this is one other place that I decided to treat my boyfriend to while I exposed him to everything that is the Packing District. I, although I did agree with him that it was a tad pricey, enjoyed Chippy Fish, he on the other hand was disappointed.

We both ordered the classic fish and chips, and he also ordered one jumbo shrimp. We both mutually agreed that the jumbo shrimp as a sad excuse for a JUMBO shrimp. Although tasty, it was very tiny. Now for the fish and chips. I thought the portions were good, not the best, but for a place like the Packing House, about what I would expect for the price. I thought the fish was cooked well, flavorful, not too greasy, and the chips were pretty good too. My boyfriend was not impressed by the fish nor the chips and will probably never return.

Anaheim Packing House – Orange Tei

12 Jun

Orange Tei

Anaheim Packing House
440 South Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

11 am – 9 pm 7 Days a Week

Crunch Roll

Crunch Roll

Now I did not get to try their ramen and only tried two of their rolls, but overall I was not impressed and don’t think I’ll be back. In a place like the Packing House, your food really better be on par or at least super interesting, Orange Tei was neither.

I tried Orange Tei with a group of my coworkers. All of them seemed quite satisfied with their dishes, but we didn’t discuss the food much so I can’t be sure. I ordered their crunch roll and shared a double tuna roll with the rest of my party. The double tuna roll had a nice spice to it with the spicy tuna, but that is about the only plus I have. I didn’t enjoy the texture of the sushi, no variety. It was just creamy, on creamy, on creamy. The prices are not too bad, but for the quality I wouldn’t go back, would much rather indulge in Chippy’s next door or go some PopBar across the way.

Approach with Caution: Crazy Rock’N Sushi

10 Apr


1065 N Hacienda Blvd

La Puente, CA91744


Sun – Thurs 11:30am – 10:30pm / Fri & Sat 11:30am – 11:00pm


Rock & Roll roll (I believe)

I have been debating for months on how to handle this sushi place. I tried them in late December and I was not impressed. My boyfriend wasn’t either, but he ended up worse off than I was. I thought the sushi was bland, the sushi made him and his metal stomach violently ill for hours.


Baby Lobster Roll

I do not remember the exact name of all the rolls we ordered, but one was their baby lobster roll, another was their spicy Mexican mango roll, and I believe the other two were their Rock & Roll roll and their crunch roll. We also had their egg rolls.


Wasabi as paste

I was not impressed with any of them. The rolls were sloppy and falling apart. Nothing really had any flavor. As far as the egg rolls, they were bland, almost empty, and super greasy.  I left feeling very heavy and as if I had consumed fried food at the fair.


Greasy Egg Rolls

My boyfriend felt the same way about them. However, after less than an hour he began to experience really bad stomach pains that eventually led to him violently throwing up for hours. It was not a good experience.


Some kind of crunch roll

To top things off, service was really slow, inattentive, and at times a little rude. Even if the food had not left me feeling sick and my boyfriend visibly sick, the rolls were way over priced for what you got. Other sushi bars in the area definitely have better prices.


Spicy Mango Roll (I believe)

As I said, my experience was not as bad as my boyfriend’s, but I do not recommend trying Crazy Rock N’ Sushi. Even if you are not left ill the experience is less than desirable, rolls are sloppy, and everything is over priced.