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More Ruby’s Kitchen

4 Mar

Recently I had the chance to try some new things at Ruby’s Kitchen and they still continue to impress.

I ordered one of their slush drinks and we tried their fries, spring rolls, and a pork sandwich. All were pretty impressive and a definite recommendation.


My Mystery Drink

I can’t say for sure what drink I ultimately ended up with as I originally ordered one of their smoothies, but they were out of one ingredient so they offered me one of their slush drinks and then when they delivered it the waiter wasn’t sure what the cook had made me. Either way it was delicious, cold and refreshing.


French Fries

Their fries, although they may have been frozen were hot, crunchy, and had just the right amount of salt. A perfect price makes them the perfect snack.


Spring Rolls

I am not a fan of spring rolls so I do not have much to say in terms of these. They were well made and all the ingredients were fresh. One thing positive I can say is I was very surprised by their size.


Pork Sandwich

Their pork sandwich was yummy, just a little too much cilantro for my taste, but that is a problem easily fixed. For under $5 it is an awesome lunch for the students of Mt.SAC right across the street. As a former student there I know the students are always in search of good cheap food.


Moldy Bread and Bad Service

17 Jan


1631 S Azusa Ave
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745


Mon-Fri 11 am – 1 am / Sat & Sun 8 am – 1 am


Orange Chicken

My boyfriend and I tried Boston Cafe on a complete whim. I wanted Asian food and he wanted a club sandwich. This place happened to have a club sandwich photographed on their Yelp profile so we decided to give them a try. Walking in I was surprised by how full the place was and by its bright, open setup. I was thrilled with my first few dishes, but things quickly went down hill.


Beef Chow Fun

My boyfriend and I ordered three things their orange chicken lunch special, which came with soup, their beef chow fun, and their club sandwich, along with two sodas. The sodas along with chow fun and orange chicken came out quickly. Both dishes were hot and very good. The orange chicken had a very nice flavor and was a huge portion for part of their lunch special.

Before this I had never had chow fun, I just thought it looked quite good on their Yelp page, but really was not sure what I was getting into. It was amazing, super hot, with lots of noodles, veggies and meat. If it were not for my self control I would have eaten the entire plate (it too was a huge portion).


Club Sandwich

After about 10 minutes we still had not received our club sandwich and no server had been by to check on us either. We were pretty sure they had forgotten our club sandwich order. It took me almost 10 more minutes to finally get a server to notice me, so I could inform them of the mistake. About 5 minutes later we finally got our sandwich.

The fires that came with the sandwich were a disappointment, clearly frozen and barley warm when we received them. The sandwich was decent or so we thought. About halfway through the first quarter of the sandwich, my boyfriend noticed mold on one of his slices of bread. It was tiny so he thought nothing of it, but then he found more on his second quarter of his sandwich and after further investigation found mold on the rest of his sandwich.


First Spot of Mold

Right around this time I was getting to the bottom of my soda and found a stick like object in it. We were going to complain about the problems, but at this point we had already spent so much time there we didn’t feel them replacing his sandwich was even worth our time. We decided we would leave, but needed a to-go box for the rest of our chow fun and orange chicken, luckily we never found anything wrong with them. Another 15 minutes later and I had yet to get any server’s attention so we could get our boxes and our check. I finally had to get up, walk to the host and ask for my check and box. No one once came to our table again.

Although the chow fun was amazing, I will not be coming back to Boston Cafe again. The mold, or the stick, or the really bad service may have been over looked on their own, but everything rolled together is just too much for me. There are so many other places in the area that I would much rather take my business elsewhere.