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Far East Joint

22 Sep

Far East Joint

1230 Lakes Dr, Ste 104
West Covina, CA 91790

Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm / Fri 11:30am-10pm / Sat 12pm-10pm / Sun 12pm-9pm

**Serves beer**


I went to the Far East Joint anticipating a place similar to Cha Cafe. That is not what I got, but I was by no means disappointed.

Walking in, Far East Joint has a very spacious Sports Bar feel; Bench seating runs along the walls with individual 4 person tables breaking up the space. Flat screen TVs dot the wall. The staff are fun, polite, and quick.

Now like I said, being a fusion place, grouped by Yelp with Cha Cafe, I was expecting traditional fusion dishes like Asian flavor inspired tacos and funky rice bowls. They do have some of that, Joint Tacos and Bacon Fried Rice, as well as their own funky fusion creations like their Spam N Egg Sliders, but for the most part they are a fry and wing place and although I stuck to basics they seem to be doing a damn good job.

My nephew and I ordered their plain fries and classic hot wings. They do offer funky fun flavors for both such as Curry Fries and Siracha Honey Wings, but I decided to go classic. The fries were ok, nothing special and a little thin for my taste, but clearly would be a good vessel for fun flavors. The wings were a win. Not greasy at all, good amount a meat, and packed good flavor. My nephew who is a wing man, said it was easily some of the best he has had.

I can’t wait to go back to try something beyond the wings and fries.


Trendy Pub in Old Towne Orange

22 Feb

Haven Gastropub

190 S Glassell St
Orange, CA 92866

Mon-Fri 11am-2am / Sat & Sun 9am-2am


Haven Burger

With items on the menu such as a Charcuterie Plate for an appetizer or Wagyu Beef Cheek Poutine for a main dish, Haven Gastropub was slightly out of my norm. Although everything on the menu I had seen or heard of in my quest for foodie knowledge I do not normally frequent places that offer such things. Now before I hype them up too much Haven Gastropub, although offering some “fancy” dishes such as BBQ Pork Belly flat bread or Pig’s Face, foundationally they are a pub serving up craft beer, cocktails, and classics, like burgers, tacos, and fries. Before I dive into what I got to try, Haven Gastropub can be summed up as trendy enough for young people with well-made food to attract those with a more trained palate. It is nice enough to bring a date and laid back enough to come to with friends.

I came here as an office outing for the end of the year. Thanks to that I got to try a lot more things than I normally would. For appetizers they ordered House-made potato chips, pommes frites (French fries), deviled eggs, and fried pig ears. Strangely enough the item I feared the most from the appetizers ended up to be my absolute favorite. The fried pig ears, although strange looking, were crunchy, and salty, and addicting! If you are a pork fan, you will love these. The house-made potato chips were hot, fresh, crispy, and not greasy at all. The pomme frites, as they were thin fries, which I am normally not a fan of, were very well prepared. Despite their thin cut, they still managed to be crispy on the outside and maintain some sort of potato fluff on the inside. Lastly, the deviled eggs – these were not normal deviled eggs, with a kick to it, this was deviled eggs taken to the next level. Another must try.

For my main course I kept it simple. I ordered their Haven Burger. The burger comes with pickled red onions, roasted red bell peppers, wild arugula, st agur cheese, and their awesome pommes frites. This burger was huge and despite the fact that I over did it on appetizers, I devoured the whole thing. The meat was juicy and cooked perfectly and all of the flavors melded perfectly.

I look forward to possibly going back to try some of their other dishes, and more pig ears, but I do have one complaint. Their service was horrible. I must say they were busy and we were a large group (about 10 of us), but it took them over an hour to get us our food and they weren’t checking up on us or apologetic at all. We were just left alone. This may have been an off day and the food was good, so I won’t hold it against them too much, unless it happens again.

Bread & Barley

15 Nov


130 North Citrus Avenue
Covina, CA 91723


Mon – Wed 11am-11pm / Thur – Sat 11am-2am / Sun 11am-10pm


Puck Bacon Cheeseburger

Bread & Barley is a fun little pub that deserves to be in a downtown college community. It reminded me of something you might find near UCR. With thick wooden, tables, large TVs, and walls covered with their many tap beers.


Bread & Barely Cheeseburger

Now I am not a beer drinker, but Bread & Barely, with it’s rotating taps, is a beer drinker’s dream. My friend ordered a pumpkin spice type beer and it was actually quite good, although I am no where near qualified to judge. To complement their massive drink menu, they offer a fairly limited and simple menu. However, despite it’s size does not lack in flavor and variety. They offer several choices of starters, salads, sandwiches, and burgers; simple and not too many choices, but each item appears to hold its own.


On this trip I was only able to try one of their burgers, as did my friend. I ordered their Puck Bacon Cheeseburger which is topped with house-cut bacon, gorgonzola cheese, french-fried onions and BBQ sauce. I was a bit hesitant to order something with gorgonzola, but they did not use too much and combined with the crunchy onions and sweet BBQ sauce, as well as the fattiness of the bacon, it all melded perfectly. The meat itself was cooked perfectly medium and was nice and juicy. My friend ordered their classic burger, their Bread & Barley Burger, which I did not try, but he was very satisfied. The fries were nothing outstanding, but that wasn’t a problem thanks to the quality of the burger.

Overall Bread & Barely was a very nice experience and I would definitely go back if the opportunity presented itself or I turn into a beer drinker.

OB Noodle House

1 May


2218 Cable St

San Diego, CA92107


Mon – Thurs 12 noon – 11pm / Fri – Sun 11am – 11pmIMG_3823

I wanted to like OB Noodle House so bad, but I just can’t. With it’s cool interior, oddly Thai inspired, chalkboard full of unique beers, and super friendly service, I had high hopes. Hopes that were crushed and became worse over time.


Rare Steak Pho

OB Noodle House is another one of my Triple D recommendations, so I had really high expectations. Everything seemed perfect until the food arrived. I have to admit I was impressed with the ample amount of meat, but that ultimately became a downfall. The broth was clearly greasy. Everything lacked flavor and was in no way impressive. At first my reaction was that this pho was just bland, but within 5 minutes of leaving the place I began to feel heavy, similar to the feeling of a day of fast food, and I could not get rid of the greasy feel in my mouth.


Greasy Pho Broth

We only tried their rare steak pho, so I can’t say much about any of their other dishes. The seating is not very private so I was able to get a good look at my neighboring patron’s plates. They looked good, but I am hesitant to give them another try, pho has never left me feeling heavy. Many reviews state the wait as a main complaint, but I really did not find it that bad. Service was awesome and they have countless numbers of unique beers, so I could recommend giving them a shot if you are a beer fan, but skip them if you are looking for good pho.

Family and Frat Boy Friendly

7 Feb


3557 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501


Mon-Sun 11:30 am – Midnight


Jalapeno Cheese Fries

I LOVE hot dogs, have all my life. I love my hot dogs plain, simple, mustard only. That is until I was forced to try an LA street dog. Bacon, wrapped and smothered in all its topping glory, I fell in love and since than have been much more willing to branch out of my hot dog comfort zone. D-Dogs was my first real adventure. Sadly it was a bit of a let down.

The setup at D-Dogs is awesome! Huge bar with tons of beer, well lit, lots of space, and big screen TVs. Despite the huge bar, its cleanliness and open space makes any family feel comfortable bringing their young kids in. The menu and way you order is also a pretty cool experience. You get to pick whether you want a burger or a hot dog, from there you pick your meat – sausage, kosher, casing, things like that – and then the type of bread you want. After that it is toppings galore, for a flat price you can pick as many as you want and they have a lot. They also have pre-designed toppings you can pick and that is the route we went.


D’Southwest Dog

I ordered the Southwest hot dog which comes with, bacon, green chili, grilled onions, and a chipotle cream sauce. My boyfriend ordered their Tijuana with bacon, tomatoes, grilled onions, fried jalapenos, spicy ketchup, mayo cream sauce, and guacamole. Oddly enough both lacked flavor and they were both so overloaded with stuff that it was impossible to eat, even with a fork and through dissection you could never get all the flavors in one bite. This restaurant has a really cool idea, it just does not work quite right.

This place also has a variety of appetizers to chose from. After great debate between Mac and Cheese Bites or Jalapeno Cheese Fries, we went with the latter and it was a major disappointment. For being jalapeno fries there were very little, the cheese lacked flavor and the fries were just sad, no flavor, no salt, no crunch.


D’Tijuana Dog

The one thing they do right is there liquor. Tons of beer and tons of wine, you just better be super educated on liquors or have the patience to read through their extensive menu. I know nothing about beer, but my boyfriend and I had a good time reading through their menu and checking out all the different choices before picking out a few to try.

Despite the disappointment in the food, service was great and it did have a pretty cool atmosphere. If you want to spend a night drinking with friends this is a probably a great stop. I would not go out of my way to give this place a shot, but if you are in the area and want to give something new a try you should consider stopping in.

Music, Food, & Hot Air Balloons

19 Jul


37701 Warren Rd
Winchester, CA 92592

Hours: Fri. 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm/Sat. 6:00 am – 10:00 pm/Sun. 6:00 am – 5:00 pm

**Event is held end of May beginning of June**


This year I got to experience the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival for the first time. Now I am not a drinker so we can eliminate the wine and beer vendors from my list of reasons to go. However I do LOVE festival food, so I spent most of my day hiding out by the food vendors and napping under trees nearby, between binges. ( I wanted to see the balloons launch in the morning , 6am launch, so it was a long day.)


Pancake and Sausage Plate

I am not used to being at festivals before 10am so I have never had the pleasure of a food truck breakfast. The festival had multiple breakfast choices from breakfast burritos to a doughnut like Indian taco.  We decided to go traditional and try a food truck that was serving pancakes and sausage. YUMMY! At first I expected frozen pancakes, but I was happily surprised when I got to see to cook step outside to their flat top and make my pancakes. The pancakes were hot, fluffy and sweet. The sausages were fat, juicy, and had a nice spice. It was a very nice start to an overall disappointing day.


Savory Indian Taco

Our next food adventure came in the form of something called an Indian taco or frybread. They come in multiple forms, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, topped like a funnel cake, and a savory version similar to a Mexican tostada. We went with savory. Disclaimer, before I continue this description, I have a freakishly tiny mouth and it made eating this thing very difficult. That being said our savory Indian taco was topped with chilli beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream. I was not able to get everything in one bite so the flavor was a little dull to me. Also, the chili beans were clearly canned and not high quality canned either. Mix that with the frustration of eating it and I will definitely pass next time.


Frog Legs and Chips

I have always wanted to try frog legs, but have never been brave enough to, I finally found some balls and gave them a try. I have never regretted a food so much. They were over priced, $10+, oilly, and topped with a really gross sauce. The frog legs left a soapy, chemical taste in my mouth, and did not feel cooked. Of course I have never tried frog legs before so I have nothing to compare this to, but I will not be trying them again. I ended up throwing them away, I could not stomach them at all.


Bratwurst and Chips

My boyfriend is a big fan of bratwurst and other sausages so that was our next adventure. A bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard in a pretzel bun served with handmade potato chips. If it was not for the pretzel bun, this may have been quite good, but the bread to meat proportion was way out of whack.


Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

The sauerkraut, was nice, not too over whelming with a nice bite to it. I would have enjoyed a little thicker casing on the sausage for more of a snap at the bite, but the flavor was decent. I enjoyed the chips, hot and crunchy, but needed lots of salt.


Red Sangria

Wine and beer tasting are the main attraction for this festival so even though I am not a drinker we decided to indulge. We spent most of our tickets on Quint Sangria. From the lands at this stand it was clear that it was a big hit at the event. People returned over and over again just to have their glass refilled with either white or red sangria, with slices or orange, lime, and lemon floating among the ice. Very refreshing.


Beer Tasting

My boyfriend ventured over to the beer sampling. The lines were not as bad as the wine lines, but some were pretty decent. My boyfriend only tried one beer, the Stella Artois. He described it as decent.  After this we went back to the food.


Bavarian Pretzel and Cheese

Lately I have been on a big pretzel thing. Always craving them. The basic ones, hot and salty with cheese. So we tried the pretzel truck and went traditional. It was hot and fluffy, with lots of salt, maybe too much, but I liked the crunch it provided. The cheese was were it really failed. Super cheap tasting, with an odd plastic flavor.


Fresh Brick Oven Pizza

To close off the Wine and Balloon Festival they had a live concert with one of my favorite bands, All American Rejects, closing off the night. In order to get a good seat we arrived early, and stocked up on some final snacks. I picked a pizza truck. It had a full brick oven in it and the pizza was really quite yummy. Good cheese and the tiny pepperonis were kind of cute. For the price it was decent and super fresh.


Lamb Gyro

The last thing we tried was Greek. I had never tried Greek food until this and it hooked me. Now I cannot wait to try more. We got a lamb gyro. It was really yummy and probably my favorite food of the night. The meat was tender and hot, the grilled onions and peppers were nice, and the sauce held it all together. It was huge and I loved it.