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The Packing House (And I’m not Talking Anaheim)

28 Sep

a la minute – Claremont

532 W 1st St
Claremont, CA 91711

Mon-Thurs Noon-10pm / Fri & Sat Noon-11pm / Sun Noon-9:30pm

**Second location in Orange**


Vanilla Bean Olive Oil

I have discovered The Packing House and I’m not talking Anaheim. While searching for something sweet to eat, my best friend and I stumbled upon not only a second a la minute location, but another packing house.

Now I have had a la minute in Orange before and when I saw it pop on my Claremont ice cream Yelp search I knew that was where we had to go. I had no clue where it was located, but when my friend and I pulled up on this new Packing House, I was so excited.

Now before I get into the ice cream, let’s talk a little about this Packing House. Now if you have been to the Packing House in Anaheim, Claremont’s Packing House has a similar feel, but overall is nothing like it. It’s an old packing warehouse that has been converted and has some places to eat, but that is where the similarities end. Anaheim’s Packing House is ultimately a dining hall and that is all. Yes, they have some live entertainment and some knick-knack shopping, but you go there to eat. Claremont offer’s so much more.

Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic

Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic

Claremont’s Packing House has cool places to eat, ranging from a coffee shop to a full sit down restaurant, but that’s not all. It is full of shops. They have a used book store, clothing, aerial acrobat classes, and a comedy club. It’s a full weekend of fun rolled into one warehouse.

Now a la minute. It is just delicious, creamy and unique as it’s Orange location. I didn’t try any new flavors this time around, we ordered strawberry balsamic and vanilla bean olive oil. Just like last time they were creamy, flavorful, and just a wonderful dessert.


Anaheim Packing House – Popbar

8 Jul


Anaheim Packing House
440 South Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

11am – 10pm 7 Days a Week

**Locations emerging around the world**

PopBar - Anaheim, CA

His & Her Pops at Popbar

I am still just tasting my way through all that the Packing House has to offer, but I can already, with confidence, say that Popbar is my absolute favorite. I don’t care that a pop costs almost $5 or if the line is 20 minutes long. If I am at the Packing House and looking for dessert I will be waiting for my pop.

Strawberry Gelato - PopBar (Photo by G Hurtado)

Strawberry Gelato Pop with Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Sprinkles

My go to pop at Popbar is their hazelnut gelato pop with dark chocolate (have done all versions – half dip, full dip, and drizzle) with either hazelnuts or almonds. The hazelnut gelato is not too sweet and perfectly creamy. The dark chocolate bitterness compliments it perfectly and the nuts are a nice crunchy addition.

Hole in the Wall - Hazelnut Gelato dipped in Dark Chocolate and Almonds from the PopBar at the Anaheim Packing House

Hazelnut Gelato Pop with Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Now my dark chocolate hazelnut has kept me satisfied and loyal, but my friends have been very happy with many of the other bars including strawberry gelato with milk chocolate and chocolate sprinkle, plain coconut, and pistachio gelato pop with milk chocolate and pistachios.


9 Oct


17501 Colima Rd
Unit F
Rowland Heights, CA91748


Mon – Thurs 1 pm – 10:30 pm
Fri 1 pm – 11:30 pm
Sat 12 pm – 11:30 pm
Sun 12 pm – 10:30 pm

**Accepts credit card only with a minimum purchase**


Organic Strawberry Snow

Over the years living in Rowland Heights I have seen countless people share photos of their ice experiences, but I have never had the courage to try it myself. That is until a few weeks ago when my niece and I decided to be adventurous together. I had a coupon for Baskin Robins, and that is originally where we planned to go, but we ended up leaving after they closed. In desperation for something sweet we decided to give I-Sweet a chance and I am so happy we did.


Banana Snow

We got organic strawberry and banana. Banana was a little much for me, too strong of a banana taste, but the strawberry was amazing, one of the best desserts I have every tried. It was light and airy. It tasted super refreshing. Although I don’t know what the calorie and nutrition of snow is, it tasted very guilt free.

Now I haven’t tried any other snow places so I really have nothing to compare I-Sweet to, but I plan on trying others and will let you all know how I feel. For now however, go to I-Sweet!!

A Place to Beat the Summer Heat

8 Jul


2682 E Garvey Ave S

West Covina, CA91791


Sunday – Thursday 2pm-9pm / Friday & Saturday 2pm-11pm


Tiramisu in a Waffle Cone

I love gelato, but up until a few weeks ago I would have to wait every year for county fair time to roll around to satisfy my craving. Thanks to Gelatissimo, never again shall I have to go months desiring that perfect sweet treat which is gelato.

Gelatissimo has been on my need to try list for months and I am so happy I finally got to give them a shot. The shop is so cute. Hidden away in a pretty active strip mall, this could easily be a missed gem to those that do not know to look for it.

They have a nice variety of flavors from fruity to sweet and a few unique combos. Pineapple, vanilla, pistachio, tres leche, tiramisu, and peanut butter & jelly are just a sample of the flavors they may have on any given night. There were several of us the night we went and we all got different flavors and sampled even more and we all loved everything we tasted.


Medium pineapple and coconut in a cup

Gelatissimo sells more than just gelato, they also serve up a variety of pastries, which I did not get to try, but they looked amazing and I look forward to returning to give them a try.

Some reviews and comments I have read about this piece of Italy in West Covina say that they are over priced, but compared to other shops I think the price is reasonable. Plus they are willing to mix flavors which most are not, at least not without an additional cost.

Gelatissimo is a definite must try, especially during this hot summer months. So next time you are in the area and looking for a way to cool down try a scoop of gelato instead of your usual ice cream or stop in for a cannoli to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ami Sushi

6 Mar


2560 E Amar Rd

West Covina, CA 91790

Hours: Tues – Sat 11am – 10 pm / Sun 11am – 9 pm

**Closed Mondays**


Egg Rolls

I went to Ami Sushi several months ago, but somehow this review escaped me. Although the names of some of the sushi has been forgotten, my memories of my visit have not faded.


While there we ordered three rolls, egg rolls, and mochi ice cream for dessert. The egg rolls were average, served hot and fresh, but slightly bland flavors. The sushi was pretty awesome. We ordered their baby lobster roll, which my boyfriend loved so much he ordered a second roll, their french kiss and one other roll that I cannot recall its name. All of them were fresh and packed with flavor.


French Kiss (I believe)

One downfall to the rolls, was that they were a little loose so they would start to fall apart while we ate them. Also, in regards to the baby lobster roll it was on the small side compared to other places we have been and was more expensive. In fact all rolls were slightly more expensive then surrounding sushi places.


Baby Lobster Roll

This was the first mochi ice cream I have ever had and I was pretty impressed. A nice little treat after a big meal. Cold, smooth, and strawberry flavored refreshing. It made me a fan and I look forward to trying other flavors and other places.


Strawberry Mochi

The service here was nice and the waiters were very attentive. We were the only ones there so I can’t be sure they are this great with a crowd. The food was fresh and well prepared, but a little over priced. I wouldn’t be against coming here again, especially if friends recommended it, but as far as a regular place I will stick to Sake Sushi up the road.

My First Raw Sushi

3 Jan

Sushi is definitely a dish that has grown on me quickly. Before writing this blog it was a dish I never ate and, besides possibly pork pad Thai, it is one of the dishes I love most now. That being said I have always been horrified to eat anything raw. Recently, I finally ventured into that uncooked area and it really was not that bad. At Sake Sushi I ordered a crazy roll to go with my normal crunch roll and lobster roll. I had imagined raw fish to be slimy and gross, but it was not that big of a difference compared to my normal rolls. The raw fish was just cold and soft and is only noticeable at first bite. I don’t know what I was afraid of.


Crazy Roll

This time round I also decided to indulge in a dish I had tried once as a young kid, fried ice cream. When I was little I remember once going to a sushi bar with my brother and him ordering me a green tea tempura fried ice cream. I remembered loving it, but have never given myself a chance to try it again, until now. I got a vanilla tempura fried ice cream and it was delicious!


Tempura Fried Ice Cream

Even More Goodies From the LA County Fair

20 Sep

Even though I’ve already covered the LA County Fair, I bought a season pass so I have even more goodies to share.


California Cheeseburger Combo


California Cheeseburger


Corn on the Cob


Mango Sorbet in a Mango


Bacon Wrapped Dodger Dog (you can skip this)


Krispy Kreme Burger (AMAZING!)


Classic Dipped Ice Cream Bar w/Oreos


Deep Fried Twinkie


Chili Cheese Taste Chips


Cookies and Cream Gelato


Deep Fried Cookie Dough


Inside of Deep Fried Cookie Dough