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Mexico Lindo

11 Apr

Chile Relleno

Mexico Lindo

600 Kailua Rd

Kailua, HI 96734

Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-9pm / Fri & Sat 10am-10pm

Mexico Lindo has some of the most delicious well prepared looking food, with some of the blandest tastes and saddest service. I’ve been to Mexico Lindo twice, but only because I was living in denial that the food had to be better.


Nachos – 1st Visit

We started off our meal, both times, with nachos. Here lies the proof of inconsistent preparation. Our first encounter with the nachos was a cheesy mess. Yes, everything was bland, but the abundance of cheese at least made it an enjoyable experience. Our second go at the nachos was unrecognizable, neatly prepped and sparsely topped. Rather than digging through endless cheese we were left with empty chips.


Nachos – 2nd Visit

As far as main dishes go we have tried their crispy tacos and chile relleno. The chile relleno was ok, battered and cheesy, well dressed, but bland. The rice and beans that come with all their plates, look amazing, taste like water. The tacos are so sad. Please fry your own shells if you’re serving hard shell tacos and you’re not Taco Bell.


Crunchy Taco

Now onto the service. It was in no way bad, but clearly fake. The waitresses are with their fake smiles and fake politeness, do enough to deserve your tip, but not enough to make you comfortable asking for a refill or extra salsa.

The one possible redeeming quality this place may have would be their margaritas. They look really good, but I haven’t tried one yet.


Taco Pub – Another Childhood Favorite

17 Oct


19705 Colima Rd, Ste 3
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


7 Days a Week 8am – 9pm



Taco Pub is my quick bite, childhood love. It has always been an after school staple for me going all the way back to elementary school. I have eaten so many things from there – enchiladas, tacos, torta, nachos, quesadilla, tacquitos, tostada, and so much more. Three items stand out to me the most though and are always a safe turn to.

My first and old favorite is just their basic bean and cheese burrito. I do not know what it is about it, but I absolutely adore it. It is cheap and huge, can fulfill my lunch and dinner needs for under $5. In elementary school my dad would take me there when he would pick me up and we would split one, in high school that tradition was passed onto my best friend. Hot, huge, cheesy, and unusually addicting.


My next go to is their nachos. My favorite of all nachos I have ever had, completely addicting. I have to admit I’m guilty of eating a whole order on my own. Taco pubs beans and other flavor compositions are so wonderful I actually prefer the nachos without meat. The nachos are just the right amount of cheesy with yummy, fresh guacamole, and sour cream. Simple and wonderful. My last go to is their tacquitos. Crunchy, flavorful, and never greasy. One of the few tacquitos I can eat without all the meat falling out in one bite.

I also, love their tortas, one of my all time favorites. Like everything else they are simple and wonderful, fresh guacamole, beans, and yummy meat. They have the best jamaica. Their lunch specials are so much food for $5.99 and have so many choice. I highly recommend giving this place a shot if you are ever in the area.

Please, Please Put the Cheddar Down

5 Oct


2101 Hwy 95
Ste 4

Bullhead City, AZ 86442


Closed Monday

Tue-Sat 10 am – 9 pm / Sun 9 am – 5 pm


Free Chips and Salsa

I love the river, Bullhead City, AZ and Laughlin, NV will always have a very special place in my heart. It is the home of my childhood, although I have never lived there and a place very special for me and my daddy. Now that he has passed I am drawn there more than ever. It is one of the few places I still feel him, and truly feel at peace. Atleast once a year when life starts wearing me down I pack up for a weekend on the river.


Yummy Nachos

Like many river rats, I have never really looked much into local food, I have always been all about Laughlin’s all-you-can-eat buffets. Buffets are so hard to pass up on, especially on a fat, lazy vacation. Having this wonderful blog to think about during this year’s trip I decided to spare my waist line and hoped to spoil my taste buds by trying some local hole in the wall eateries.


El Charro, a little Mexican place right on the main highway was one of the lucky spots I decided to indulge in, and sadly I have completely mixed feelings on this lovely place. I want to start off by saying the place was super cute, service was excellent, and food is freshly made, there was even a woman in the corner making tortillas from scratch.


Cheese Enchilada

We started our meal off with nachos. Nachos with the potential of possibly being some of the best nachos I have ever had. There was so much going on from jalapenos, to green chilies, and tender steak, with lots of flavorful beans, guacamole, and sour cream. Mmmmm writing this my mouth begins to salivate. I have never had green chillies on my nachos and those are truly what put them over the top. The only downfall to this flavor packed dish was the size of the steak, way to big for anyone with a mouth like mine to bite into. Yes my mouth falls far on the small side, I believe even a larger mouth would struggle. (My boyfriend has a large mouth and he complained.) Despite this we couldn’t control ourselves and still devoured them.


Steak Torta

Our main dishes is when things began to run downhill quick and it was all powered by the almighty cheddar cheese. I understand that most Mexican restaurants do not use all authentic Mexican cheeses and many places do use cheddar, but it has never stood out to me this way. The meals were overpowered with the taste of cheddar. Cheddar is all they seem to use.


I ordered a cheese enchilada, and sadly all I was left feeling was yuck! The beans and rice were nice and the tortilla for the enchilada was so tender. I loved the red enchilada sauce alone, but the enchilada was stuffed with cheddar and sadly when eating it all I could taste was the cheddar. It over powered the sauce, the beans, everything. I couldn’t even finish it.


Inside Steak Torta

My boyfriend ordered the steak torta and he encountered the same problem. The bread was delicious, the tomatoes were fresh, the guacamole was flavorful, and the steak was tendered. When he bit into it all he could taste was the cheddar. It was a complete let down. It would have been amazing, were it not for the cheese. The french fries were yummy on a side note.

I am torn on whether I would recommend this to someone vacationing on the river. This place is so cute and friendly, and has so much potential, if they could just throw out the cheddar. They looked like they had a well stocked bar and I can highly recommend the nachos, so I guess I recommend giving them a try by stopping in for a drink and some nachos.

Even More From Rolberto’s

18 Aug

So once again I have tried a few more things from Rolberto’s. This time they were not such a big hit. Their steak wet burrito was practically all meat and onions. I really did not enjoy it. The super fries were ok, a nice change from traditional nachos, but I think I will stick with chips over fries.


Steak Wet Burrito


Super Fries

Alanberto’s is Now Rolberto’s

12 Jul

Awhile back I reviewed a place called Alanberto’s on Giano and Valley. Well a few months ago the name changed. I finally got around to trying them recently and from what I can tell all that has changed is the name. The food seemed pretty much the same, possibly a bit better.


Enchilada Plate

I did try a few new things and they were all quite good. Their enchiladas were not the best, but only because the cheese was not melted fully, but it was late on the 4th of July and I think they wanted to go home. Reheated they were awesome. I loved their beans.



Their nachos are pretty awesome although I wish they would just flip them over, meat is on top while sour cream and guacamole lay on the bottom.


Burger Plate

My boyfriend loves their burgers, I am not so impressed, but their fries are good.

California Strawberry Festival

24 Jun


Oxnard, CA


Mid May, Fri-Sun 10am-6:30pm


Strawberry Nachos

Every May Oxnard has their annual California Strawberry Festival. I battled with myself for quite a while on whether or not festivals, fair, and carnival foods would fit in with the types of food I want to feature and ultimately as you can see I decided to move ahead with it. Fair food may not be an eatery that one can visit whenever they like, but often year after year similar, if not the same vendors are often present and you can often find some delicious, unique eats.


Spiral Fries w/ Chili & Cheese

Oxnard’s California Strawberry Festival featured many different kinds of foods and beverages including the usual fair food, plus specialty wines, things like strawberry pizza, crab fries, and much much more. I was only able to try a limited amount, but from what I did get to indulge in I was pretty happy with.


We decided when we first arrived that we had to try one of their specialty strawberry dishes. We could chose between strawberry pizza, shortcake, tacquitos, fried strawberries, or what we ultimately went with, strawberry nachos. They were good, but not mind blowing. The chips are more pie crust like, not sure if it was fried or baked. The “chips” are then coated, heavily, with cinnamon sugar. The “chips” are then topped with a strawberry topping. Best way I could describe this is similar to an strawberry ice cream topping, with large chunks of strawberries. That is then topped with whipped cream, a few fresh strawberries, and “chip” crumbs. Good, but easily achieved at home.


Bratwurst and Garlic Fries

Next we tried the spiral fries with cheese and chili. They were huge, hot, flavorful, and over all amazing! Probably one of the best chili cheese fries I have ever eaten and the reaction of people as they walked by just added to the experience. The fries were fried while still tightly wound, so it was like a solid block of fries. That is then topped with chili and cheese. Although it was clear that the chili was probably canned and it was just basic cheese, but for some reason it was phenomenal. People that saw us sitting with it walked by and made comments like, “good luck eating that” and “you’ll be working at that all day.” No lie, we finished it in under 10 minutes.


One of the Strawberry Wines

The final food item we tried there was a bratwurst and garlic fries. We enjoyed the sausage, but there was nothing unique or really special about it. The bun was even a little too large for it. The garlic fries were really good though. Hot, crunchy, and lots of fresh garlic. Served with a little bit of ranch and mmmm I was a happy eater.


Strawberry Smoothie

Now onto the beverages. They had smoothies, the usual sodas, lots if lemonade, and multiple alcoholic beverages. They had large booths with multiple unique wines and beers, berry flavored. Things like strawberry wine and raspberry beer. They also had strawberry margaritas, which just by walking by the booth it was clear they were super strong. I am a huge fan of smoothies and I did get to try one. It was like a cold, liquid strawberry, oddly yummy.

Jim’s Burger – La Puente, CA

7 Mar


505 S Azusa Way
La Puente, CA 91744


Mon-Sun 7 am – 9:30 pm

French Toast Combo

French Toast Combo

Jim’s Burgers is the best fall back choice. Whatever the time of day, but not late night, you can depend on Jim’s Burger to deliver. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between snack, they have got something to get you through it.

French Toast

French Toast

Normally I just go there for burgers, but a few weeks ago I decided to give their breakfast a try. On the weekends it is served until 2pm so it’s good for those of you that want to sleep in, but still enjoy your sausage and pancakes.

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy

We tried their pancakes, french toast, eggs, hash browns, sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Although nothing was bad, it was not the greatest breakfast ever, but with this less then 5 minutes away and the closest Denny’s a few blocks further, Jim’s worked to satisfy my afternoon breakfast desire.

Hash Bowns

Hash Browns

The french toast was decent, however where most places dust their french toast with powdered sugar, Jim’s tops theirs with cinnamon. Most of it soaked into the bread with the butter, but honestly what was left was slightly off putting. The pancakes were good, just basic old pancakes. In my opinion they beat Denny’s. The sausage was a cased sausage which I personally love, so they were a win.



We ordered two kinds of eggs, scrambled and over easy. The over easy amazed me. Very few places get it right so I was shocked when a burger joint got it right on. The scrambled eggs were not so lucky. Slimy and tasteless, they tasted like egg beaters, not real eggs. The has browns were enjoyable, crunchy on the outside smooth on the inside. As for the biscuits and gravy, you could tell that there was real sausage grease in the gravy which however fatty was AWESOME. The biscuits were a bit tough for my taste, I prefer flakier ones.


Double Cheeseburger

Now onto lunch. I have had burgers here many times and they never fail me. The service is always quick, most of the workers are pretty friendly and the burgers and fries are always hot and fresh. The burgers are your standard greasy spoon fare, cheese, “secret sauce” aka 1000 island, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion. The meat has a nice charbroiled taste. The fries  are awesome. I do not know what it is about them, good size cut maybe, but they are one of my favorites.

Cheeseburger Combo

Cheeseburger Combo

One last thing that I often order from there but have failed to photograph, nachos. Very impressive. From the texture and thickness of the chips I am going to call homemade. Really good, lots of toppings, and as long as you aren’t going too close to closing they will be fresh.



The decor of Jim’s is pretty run down. It looks like it may have been really cool, 1950s diner retro, but now has become a little run down. Not dirty, but more like they do not care about the appearance any longer. I say good, the food is good and the look adds to this little burger place’s personality.