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Seven Brothers

22 Apr

Seven Brothers

Kahuku Sugar Mill

56-565 Kamehameha Hwy

Kahuku, HI 96731

Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm / Closed Sunday


Bruce Irons

Seven Brothers burgers will be my burger lifeline on this island the next three years, even if I do have to drive almost an hour to get to it.

I have eaten my way through a good chunk of burgers here, as you will soon see, and most of them are a pretty big disappointments. There have been a few notable places such as Teddy’s, which has become a regular spot for me, The Counter and The Honolulu Burger Co, but Seven Brother’s satisfies that burger hole left in my heart by all the wonderful California greasy spoons.

Now their burgers are much more elaborate than my usual thousand island dressing, cheese and lettuce burgers which long for, but they have that flavorful, handmade taste, where each element compliments each other that I have been longing for. Doesn’t hurt that this is one of the only places I have found on this island that uses thousand island dressing


Shem Burger

My go to burger is there Shem Burger. It is guacamole with diced tomatoes,  lemon juice, two strips of bacon, and  American cheese, plus thousand island dressing. It is a messy wonderful experience and my mouth has begun watering just thinking about it.

Now for a throwback to my Utah days. Their burgers don’t come with fries, but more of a soggy potato wedge type thing. Now don’t get turned off by my use of the word soggy, they are amazing, well seasoned, a little crunch around the edges, but in no way the type of crunch you’d expect with traditional fries or wedges. They reminded me a lot of the fries I grew to love in Utah. To top off the Utah flashback, they are served with delicious fry sauce!

If you are ever in Oahu, traveling along North Shore make sure you stop by Seven Brothers.