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Pho Ha Brea

24 Apr


Brea Plaza Shopping Ctr

1619 E Imperial Hwy

Brea, CA92823


7 Days a Week 9am – 10pm


Egg Rolls

I have eaten A LOT of pho in the Rowland Heights/La Puente area, but this is the first time I have eaten pho in the OC. I chose Pho Ha because it was the only pho place open late in the area. The staff was friendly, the place was clean and welcoming.


Thai Ice Tea

My boyfriend and I ordered their rare steak pho, egg rolls, thai tea, and a strawberry smoothie. Service was very quick for the amount of people that were in restaurant. Despite being friendly when we first walked in throughout the rest of the meal the staff was very distant, and although accommodating did not talk much or check in very frequently. Before I talk about the quality of the food I must say the prices were higher than I am used to.


Strawberry Smoothie

As I have said before I am not a big fan of Thai tea, but their’s was very nice and the strawberry smoothie was delicious. The egg rolls were a huge disappointment. There was not enough filling for their size and they were not very crunchy. If you do plan to give them a shot I recommend skipping the egg rolls. I got the small bowl and my boyfriend got the large size bowl of pho. The sizes were not that different, but on the up side the small bowl was huge! The pho was slightly bland than other places I have had, but overall not too bad.


Rare Steak Pho

The prices at Pho Ha Brea disappointed me a bit, but I would not be opposed to eating there again, especially if it was a late night pho craving again. Before I can fully decide on here though I feel I need to try other pho in the area. For now though if you are near the Brea mall and find yourself with a late night pho craving give them a shot.