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OB Noodle House

1 May


2218 Cable St

San Diego, CA92107


Mon – Thurs 12 noon – 11pm / Fri – Sun 11am – 11pmIMG_3823

I wanted to like OB Noodle House so bad, but I just can’t. With it’s cool interior, oddly Thai inspired, chalkboard full of unique beers, and super friendly service, I had high hopes. Hopes that were crushed and became worse over time.


Rare Steak Pho

OB Noodle House is another one of my Triple D recommendations, so I had really high expectations. Everything seemed perfect until the food arrived. I have to admit I was impressed with the ample amount of meat, but that ultimately became a downfall. The broth was clearly greasy. Everything lacked flavor and was in no way impressive. At first my reaction was that this pho was just bland, but within 5 minutes of leaving the place I began to feel heavy, similar to the feeling of a day of fast food, and I could not get rid of the greasy feel in my mouth.


Greasy Pho Broth

We only tried their rare steak pho, so I can’t say much about any of their other dishes. The seating is not very private so I was able to get a good look at my neighboring patron’s plates. They looked good, but I am hesitant to give them another try, pho has never left me feeling heavy. Many reviews state the wait as a main complaint, but I really did not find it that bad. Service was awesome and they have countless numbers of unique beers, so I could recommend giving them a shot if you are a beer fan, but skip them if you are looking for good pho.


Guy’s Guido Burger

27 Mar

I recently had the opportunity to give Hodad’s another try and omg they truly are one of the best burgers! With a fat but happy conscience I must admit to going down to San Diego two weeks in a row almost purely for burgers alone. The first time I went to Hodad’s I thought they were good, but not necessarily blown away. Second time around I was fully impressed. Huge, juicy, and flavorful, one of the best burgers ever.


On one of my trips I tried their Guido Burger, Guy Fieri‘s burger from when he featured Hodad’s on Triple D. Its a cheeseburger with swiss cheese, pastrami, grilled onions, and mustard. A little too much mustard for my taste, but pretty yummy, although I will admit I probably prefer their standard burger.


Guido Burger

This time around my boyfriend gave their bacon burger another go and we both now have a much better appreciation for it. The last time I spoke of their bacon burger I believed I described it as chopped up pieces, not the case. Hodad’s creates bacon patties. They chop up their bacon and then form them into a small little patty. So fatty, but so good.


Double Bacon Burger

Lastly I have a better feel for their sides. Their onion rings and “fries” better described as potato wedges. Their onion rings are pretty good. Well battered and cooked well, onion is tender. The wedges are awesome, but a gamble. They will either be amazing, flavorful and tender, or sub-par and unimpressive.