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Pho Ha

1 Jan


18220 Gale Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


7 days a week 9am – 10pm

*Great food, poor customer service**


Steak and Flank Pho

Pho Ha was the second pho place that my boyfriend took me to try. My boyfriend’s cousin recommended it to us, so we decided to give it a try. I still was too down on pho to order it myself so I got a combination stir fry. To drink we got Thai tea and a strawberry smoothie.


Combination Stir Fry

My stir fry was delicious! Beef, pork, chicken, and squid with lots if mixed veggies, cooked perfectly and covered in a yummy flavorful sauce. I absolutely loved this and over stuffed myself scarfing down the entire thing. Served with rice it was well more than a hearty serving. The veggies were blanched to perfection with an amazing fresh crunch. I was slightly nervous to get the combination stir fry, as the only way I have ever had squid is fried, but I was suprised in a nice way. There is really nothing I can complain about.


Strawberry Smoothie

As I only sipped the broth I can’t fully judge the pho, but according to my boyfriend it was a little on the greasy side and the broth was slightly dull on flavor. Beyond that though it was pretty good. In his words, “works as a quick fix.”

Now onto the drinks, Thai tea and strawberry smoothie. I am not a fan of Thai tea, but I actually liked Pho Ha’s. The strawberry smoothie was one of the best things I have ever drank. I sucked down the whole thing before my stir fry even arrived. It was creamy yet icy and not too sweet. AMAZING


Thai Tea

Overall my experience here was pretty good, if I was judging on food alone. The service here was really poor however. Our drinks came out quick as did the pho, but my stir fry took a bit of time and besides taking our orders the servers never once spoke to us.


Ruby’s Kitchen

26 Dec


1263 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789


Mon-Sat 11 am – 7 pm


Ribeye Pho

When I was in high school there was a Taco Bell right down the street from the campus. I walked past it everyday on my way home, and usually would grab a bean burrito for the walk. Sometime during my sophomore year, my Taco Bell was turned into a Pho place. Since than I have to admit I have somewhat held a grudge against the many Pho places that have popped up in my neighborhood since than. Also I am not much a “soup” person so once I learned what i actually was I still was not super eager to give it a try.


Thai Tea and Passion Fruit Tea

I may not be a soup person, but my boyfriend is. Recently some of his co-workers took him out for Pho and instantly he was hooked. He told me I had to try it and desperatly began looking for one to take me too. He decided on Ruby’s Kitchen, a fusion place that recently opened across from Mt.SAC and a place he had seen recruiters at the Marines next door eating from quite a bit.

Since Ruby’s classifys themselves as fusion place I was not as intimidated and upon seeing chili fries on their menu I felt better (Beyond their regular menu they have a ever changing special menu.). My boyfriend ordered their ribeye pho, I got their teriyaki pineapple chicken bowl, and we ordered their chicken wings and jalepano poppers for an appetizer.


Jalapeno Poppers

The poppers left me with mixed feelings. I hate cream cheese stuffed poppers, which these were, but the jalepanos were fresh and had a juciy snap to them which lessned my dissatisfaction with the cream cheese. The chicken wings were decent. I am not a fan of chicken wings, but the chicken alone was flavorful, and they were nice, hot, and crispy. My boyfriend really enjoyed the wing sauce.


Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

I was forced to try the Pho, which I will admit was not that bad. It had very nice flavor and if I liked soup I may have enjoyed it. It looked really good and I wanted to eat it, but soup has never really been my thing and I really have to be in the mood for it.

My chicken bowl was really good. Rather than slathering my meat in teriyaki sauce like most palces do, Ruby’s cooks pineapple in teriyaki and than tops the chicken with that. You still get that awesome teriyaki flavor, but not so over powering and the pineapple is refeshing. My boyfriend does not even like teriyaki chicken and he liked my bowl.


Chicken Wings

To drink we ordered their thai tea and passion fruit tea. I am not a fan of thai tea, but the passion fruit was delicious. It was refereshing and has peices of fruit in it, very good.

The only downfall to Ruby’s is their service. The servers and lazy and unattentive. Out waitor spilt water across our table and did not even care to wipe it up. The manager (or owner I am assuming) though made up for them. He was very polite and kind. He boxed up our meals for us and cleaned up the mess of his workers. He was very personable.